Takes a plane normal to a vector from 2 points and pulls a 3rd point toward that plane

Вводные параметры:
NormalStart (Point (Точка))
Plane origin and start of normal vector
NormalEnd (Point (Точка))
End of normal vector
ShearPt (Point (Точка))
Point to pull to the plane
Strength (Number (Число))
Shear strength
RestHeight (Number (Число))
Target height from plane
Cutoff (Number (Число))
If positive, force only active below this distance (measured from plane origin); if negative only above this distance; and if 0 then at all distances
Exponent (Integer (Целое число))
Strength proportional to a power of the distance

Результирующие параметры:
S (Generic Data (Общие данные))
Shear out