Create Hooke's law springs

Вводные параметры:
Connection (Curve (Кривая))
line connecting 2 points for the spring to act between
Stiffness (Number (Число))
Spring Stiffness
Damping (Number (Число))
Damping constant
Rest length (Number (Число))
The length the spring will try to reach
UpperCutoff (Number (Число))
spring will only work below this distance; set to 0 for no limit
LowerCutoff (Number (Число))
spring will only work above this distance
Plasticity (Number (Число))
Maximum elastic deformation (as a factor of rest length). Deformations beyond this amount will alter the rest length of the spring. Set to zero for infinite (fully elastic, with no plasticity)

Результирующие параметры:
S (Generic Data (Общие данные))
Springs Out