Kangaroo Physics Engine v0.085

Вводные параметры:
Force objects (Generic Data (Общие данные))
Add all force inputs here. Springs, PLaw, Bending...
AnchorPoints (Point (Точка))
Points which remain fixed during the simulation unless moved by you
Settings (Kangaroo Options)
Global Simulation Settings
Geometry (Geometry (Геометрия))
Geometry to transform
SimulationReset (Boolean (Логическая операция))
True to input the setup, False to run the simulation

Результирующие параметры:
Out (String (Строковый))
Runtime messages
Iterations (Integer (Целое число))
ParticlesOut (Point (Точка))
GeometryOut (Geometry (Геометрия))
Geometry updated by the simulation